About Us

Founded in 1978, ANADOLU CONTA has carried out its activities with the manufacturing of diesel engine gaskets until today. Particularly with its staff experienced in the manufacturing of engine gaskets of tractors and agricultural machines, it has strength both in domestic and foreign markets. The engine kit gaskets and cylinder head gaskets which asbestos and non-asbestos raw material used in its production are prepared for delivery after required quality control phases. Cost components is never considered in our quality policy and especially engine kit gaskets are prepared completely in accordance with the original references. Our basic opinion in manufacturing is to always use the advanced technologies, not giving up from quality and giving high quality service to our customers. The products of our company are exported to 26 countries in the whole world including Europe, South Africa and Middle East. The manufacturing phases in our new models or existing product range is controlled with quality control personnel and required laboratory tests from the mold manufacturing to packaging and delivered to the end user. EURON GASKET and ANATOLIA GASKET are the export brands of our company. Particularly, our product variety in tractor and agriculture machines and all our product range under this main title are complete and the new models are continuously within the agriculture sector. Therefore, ANADOLU CONTA is matter of preference and a demanded company in tractor and truck engine gasket requests. Our main principle is to deliver the engine gaskets complying with the original equipment manufactured with high quality material to the consumer in the most economical manner. This is the real cause of our continuity and being preferred.

As Anadolu Conta we are aware that certain “conflict minerals” being mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries may be making their way into the supply chain and that profits from this mining activity may be financing ongoing human rights violations. The definition of “conflict minerals” refers to tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, or “3T&G”. Section 1502 of the Dodd‐Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requires that all public U.S. companies (and their suppliers) that use “conflict minerals/metals” determine and disclose their sources, with the intent to discourage companies from using minerals/metals that are mined/smelted from conflict areas of the DRC and adjoining countries. Anadolu Conta does not directly source or process conflict minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold and is several levels in the supply chain removed from the mines, smelters and refiners. All metal used in our products are of Turkey origin.